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Corporate Clients:
   • American Family Insurance, Schofield, KS
   • BNP Paribas, New York, NY
   • Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn, NY
   • Italian American Museum, New York, NY
   • Jennison Associates, New York, NY
   • Le Boeuf, Lamb and Greene, New York, NY
   • New York Mercantile Exchange, New York, NY
   • Sumitomo Corporation of America, New York, NY
   • Troutman Sanders, LLP, New York, NY
   • Washington Mutual Bank, Seattle, WA
   • Ernst & Young, Philadelphia, PA
   • Centre Group Holdings (US) Ltd, New York, NY
   • Howrey LLP, New York, NY
   • United States Attorney's Office of New York, Brooklyn, NY
   • Old York Foundation, New York, NY

Artist Estates:
   • The Milton Charles Estate (Book Illustrator for Jacqueline Susann & Harold Robins)
   • The Charles M. Daugherty Estate (Illustrator and Fine Artist)
   • The Lillian Hoban Archives (Children's Illustrator of Frances & Arthur Books)
   • The Hank Laventhal Estate (Fine Artist)
   • The Barbara Ann Schwartz Estate (Fine Artist)
   • Ernest Chiriacka (Illustrator and Fine Artist)

Private Clients:
   • Actors, Musician and Sport Celebrities

All assignments are private and confidential.